My name is Jo and I live near Leicester in the UK. I am widowed with one grown up son. Creativity is my passion and it both floats my boat and gets me into trouble, because of how it affects the way I think about faith and life. 

I have always had a lot of questions about my faith.  At first they were encouraged as a new believer, but as time went on I discovered that questioning the status quo is frowned on.  Add physical and mental health problems into the mix and my faith began to deconstruct as I realised that no matter how hard I tried I couldn't live the happy, shiny, successful Christian life emulated by the 'in' people in the congregation. 

During the past decade my love affair with faith and the church has ebbed and flowed many times. I have now learned to live in the margins of church life. My faith has ironically become stronger as I discovered that the God I inherited from my upbringing and time as a young believer, is not the God I have come to know personally. 

This is my place to voice that journey and wrestle with others who are in a similar place. Maybe you are wondering if your faith is real and genuine: am I even a Christian if I think/feel this or that? How do I find my place in the Body of Christ - is there even a place for me?

You won't find easy answers here but then that is point. You wouldn't be here reading this if you did. However, hopefully you will meet other like minded people and find a place to belong and feel known.  

I look forward to us journeying together and conversing along the way.