Grace is one of those words banded around in Christian circles like 'justification' and 'sanctification'. Big theological terms that have been intellectually explained to us but at a heart level feel remote and unreal. 

Imagine my surprise back in 2013,  when I sensed God telling me to write a book called 'Grace Wins: Every Time'. Pondering how this abstract concept of grace could win, let alone every time, I was reminded of Aesop's famous fable of the 'Sun and the Wind'. 


The story begins with the Sun and Wind arguing about who is the strongest. Seeing a man walk along the street they agree to have a competition; whoever can make the man take his coat off wins. The Wind goes first, huffing and puffing blowing, this way and that at the man. But the more intensely the Wind blows, the more the man wraps his coat around himself. "My turn," says the Sun gently shining her rays out towards the man. Sure enough as the Sun radiates out warmth the man unbuttons, then takes off his coat. 

For the first time the concept of 'grace' felt like something I could grasp and know rather than just know about. This notion of grace, being an emotional warmth that shed layers was a challenge to someone wrapped in fear and shame, because deep down I believed in a wrathful God waiting to catch me out.  I had layer upon layer of unresolved pain from the emotional wounds I wore like a cloak. Slowly God has been revealing himself to as one who wants to help me shed these emotional defences I had learnt to barricade myself behind.  

Learning to believe that God is like the Sun and not the Wind has become my life's work. It has taken till now to get to a place where I am sufficiently convinced it is true, enough to finally to write the book. The purpose being that you too can begin to learn that Grace wins - every single time. 

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