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An expert on brokenness

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

What are you an expert in? That was the question posed by the article staring up out of the page. Write about what you are an expert in.

After much thought, and a word or two from God, I realised that I am an expert in brokenness. Not a sexy or trendy admission to make. It certainly doesn’t have as much kudos as being a specialist in parenting or theology or mixed media textiles; all things I enjoy and aspire to become better at in time. But the truth is I do know a lot about being fractured by life, especially in the whole messy area of faith, and trying to climb out of the bombsite it creates.

Some people only get broken a little bit and so can keep going on much the same as before. Others of us are emotionally wounded so much and so hard that it can become unimaginable to think that we will ever be healed enough to resume daily life, let alone as before.

Coming through it and out the other side feels like pushing a boulder up a hill, backwards – on roller skates.

That is my path. It is one many of us end up treading. It feels like wading through treacle at best but more often like trekking across a deserted wasteland. Then there is the feeling of being utterly alone as if no one has endured pain like this, with no map on how to survive, let alone thrive from it. Coming through it and out the other side feels like pushing a boulder up a hill, backwards – on roller skates! It looks and feels impossible. It is achingly slow and for every inch of progress it seems as if we slither back to the bottom many, many times. 

But in the midst of it there is often a tiny ray of hope. God and I don’t always see eye to eye over the theology of suffering, but I do believe that whatever mess or pain we are in He is with us. I’d much rather be airlifted out to safety as I am sure you would, but for some unfathomable reason He prefers to be our companion as we pass through the waters or walk through the fire (Isaiah 43:2)

What are your areas of expertise? It could be the ability to make a cup of tea just the way your friend likes it, or you are the go-to person for wisdom for parenting teenagers.

Please post your thoughts and comments to make this a conversation rather than a monologue.



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